my faverite read aloud is we can't all be rattle snakes . because I like snakes and mice and because I love animals a lot . I think it's funny
my faverite 2nd grade memirey is when I saw my faverite bird and named him green bea it is my faverite mimerey because I love birds and there one of my faverite animals. 
Todays mayday .I danced the molokai slide  I was on the top and I was in the mettle row too. After the program my tutu, my mom and my dad said that I was one of the best dancers .then when may day was over we went into mis.Everest room.
I live in the trees
I have colers black , white and brown
I am a cute bird 
I went shopping for a new computer for my birthday. The screen was so big that daddy said, "I think it is too big for you." I didn't think it was too big for me. I am practicing on it right now. I can't wait until my birthday.
What I want to do to  the earth is. Iwant to go around the school and pick up chrash.If we find something that we mite need for projectwe can take it . But not from other people . It needs to be from the ground. Then we can plant a feu trees.
A blue ringed octopus if you touched one it can kill you . But they only live in australia . Octopus have no bones so they can run away from being eaten.Octopus have a beak to bite it`s food like crabs.octopus have suction cups.