I went to maui on sunday for six days. On the last full day of my trip I went to the beach to go fishing. When I went fishing my papa did it with me, but he did not catch any fish. I caught all the fish.  When I fished it was cold so my papa and tutu made sure that I didn't get sick. They put a jacket on me, but after I caught three fish I took off my jacket. I gave it to papa, but he fell down and accidentally tried to grabbed me so he wouldnt fall in the water.  He ended up falling down in the water on me and sat on me in the water. I am glad that he did that because he may have gotten hurt if I wasnt there.  I love my papa very much. After fishing I went home to clean, season, and cook the fish with my tutu's help. Then I went to my aunty`s house to have dinner and our family ate the fish that I caught.
I think awur unit of icwery is the ocean unit because there is things that you can find in the ocean or you can yows to go in the ocean.
I Wondor why plants have difrint needs. Why do plants grow difrintly
My strategy was recheck after 2 pages I ask my self who and what